Surfboard Shaping Course

Surfboard Shaping Course

Have you ever dreamed of building your own surfboard? Surfing on a board that you created? Know the entire process in depth from A to z? In a personal, one-on-one course, including 30 hours of guiding in 10 sessions, you can build your next surfboard by yourself and be a shaper. The course includes a theory part and especially practical stages in which you get to understand the process and create with your own two hands the surfboard that at the end of the course you will take home and surf on! Over the ten sessions you will learn the whole process of building the surfboard, from an in-depth theory of different shapes on the surfboard and design, shaping (sanding the shape of the surfboard), painting, glassing (coating the surfboard) and polishing the surfboard.
In unique course, 1on1, with total amount of 30 Instructional hours in 10 meetings, you could build your next board.
The course includes theoretical part but mostly practical part which in them you get to understand the process of shaping and building a surfboard, a board that in the end of the course you take with you.
Along the ten lesson you will learn the process from start to finish. From deep Theory about different shapes all to way to do actual shaping, glassing and sanding of the board.

Course Structure:

First Session We will learn the ideas behind designing a surfboard and also the process of in order to give you a strong base of knowledge which will help in the rest of the course.

Also, in that lesson we will design the board the we will build in the course.

Second And Thirds Sessions in those session we will shape the board.

In the shaping process we will take advantage of different techniques and tool in order to shape the board to the desire design and dimensions. The result is no less than impressive especially after we using different types of measuring tools to make sure the accuracy of the shape.

Fourth Session In this session we will take care of the artistical part of the surfboard. Using brushes or airbrush and we will paint the board to achieve the painting that we want.

Fifth till Eight Session In those stages we will coat the board using fiberglass and epoxy resin which will give the board the seal against water and also structural strength.

We will also install the fin boxes and leash plug.

Ninth Session In this session we will sand the board until we achieve the required finish level and everything is smoothen out with no high's or low spots.

We will brush another final coat for high gloss.

Ten And Final Session In the final session we will make final sanding with wet sanding paper and after that we will polish the board, which will give shiny surface and finish.

Course Price-5000NIS

Includes the board the you will build

Includes basic paint job

Includes fins

With board over 6.4 there is added cost of 300NIS, it's possible to build till 7.4 size.

*Perfect birthday gift for peoples who breathe the ocean and love making things with their hands

*The course also exists in two person format, contact for more info

*Especially fits to creative and technical peoples


Special benefit for the finishers of the course:

For those who will like to build more boards after the course, it is possible to rent the shaping bay(including all the tools) along instruction by the hour, and also to buy surfboard building kits in discounted price.

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